Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Winnipeg Girls Fight For Equal Rights

Move over Sedin twins, there's a new team in hockey that's causing a stir. In Canada's Manitoba providence, Amy and Jesse Pasternak have lodged a complaint that seems to have them becoming the next mercenaries for feminist equality. According to this dispute, the twins are alleging that the word "equivalent" does not apply when women's leagues and teams are so tragically undervalued. They claim to have a right to play against the big boys.
MHSAA lawyer Victor Bargen challenged the twins' assertion that women's hockey programs offered less skill development than men's programs. He said he plans to call several expert witnesses to testify to that end.

"I don't want to play girls' hockey," Jesse Pasternak said as she burst into tears in response to persistent questions on the issue from Bargen.

She called girls' hockey "a joke."
Of course, these girls are emboldened by the Michelle Wie and Annika Sorenstam who think they've mastered their own gender's competition. They're no fools either. They know the big money, the real money, is in the men's game.

I wonder where the feminists unite rally will reach a halt if and when these twin's peers read this article. If they're so blatantly remarking that their own peers are inferior, just what kind of gender support will these girls expect to get?

Good luck, girls. I'd really like to see a co-ed hockey league, but with hockey being as violent as it is now and the political landscape shifted as such, it's not likely these girls will win. The game was meant to be played with the confines of controlled violence - something to which does not work in these girls advantage.

Odds that these girls get propositioned by Hugh Hefner in 2008 - 4:1

[Via: Winnipeg Sun]*Photo Credit Winnipeg Sun* Hat tip: Neale News
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