Saturday, July 29, 2006

Blogging for a Great Cause

After all of the trash talk that is done through fans and blogs, there comes a time where the better people among us rise up and do great things for a great cause.

Alanah over at Vancouver Canucks Op Ed has decided to blog for 24 straight hours in a Blogathon for charity. She's started from the (North American) Pacific Standard Time so... she's still got a while to go yet as of this timestamp.

Why don't you follow her lead and go over there, look at all her posts and support her cause for the Canuck Place Children's Hospital that she's raised a lot of money for so far. At the very least, please go there to her blog and lend her all the support you can muster. It's difficult to keep posting something new when there's nothing really going on in the hockey offseason.
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