Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Michigan University Misses Recruit

Offered thousands of dollars a year, the call to be a pro was stronger than the lure of Ann Arbor could ever contain. Jeff Lewis, a highly touted recruit by the University of Michigan, signed a contract with the Los Angeles Kings, hoping that the professional ranks will be able to promote and highlight his skills. But there is one side note to the story - Lewis has never actually suited up for the Wolverines or seen one minute of on-ice time for any Big Ten Conference action.
Michigan is no stranger to players leaving early, but unlike last year when former players Jeff Tambellini and Al Montoya bolted for the NHL before their senior seasons, Lewis is attempting to make a jump to the professional ranks without ever skating for the Wolverines.
The Kings justify this signing by the loopholes that the new BA grants for NHL teams to sign players for a league minimum contract. This move would be similar to a Maurice Clarett who left OSU after only one year of eligiblity. So, do you think the Michigan program is bitter about being slighted for the pro ranks? You make the call on this quote from Michigan Coach Berenson:
"I think (the Kings) took advantage of a kid who wasn't getting good advice and signed him so that they own him, and they can do whatever they want," Berenson said.
He aslo followed it up with a stinging comment hoping to convince other young athletes from the early cash grab over the value of an education.
"Are you ready to compete in the NHL?" Berenson said. "Are you ready to compete with men for a job? You're not given a job. They're not handing you a jersey and saying, 'You're going to be in our power play just because we signed you.' It's a whole different world."
It's one thing to say this, but people are taught not to believe everything they hear. Young kids today see LaBron James and Sid Crosby on TV and their stories make it more believable to the 16 and 17 year olds that they can do it too.

[Via: Michigan Daily]
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