Monday, July 17, 2006

Silliness in Erie, Pennsylvania

It came a time for me to get out and take a vacation holiday to my "home away from home" of Erie, Pennsylvania. My dad and I made the early day's trek north from Pittsburgh to take in a baseball game and relax on the beach for a while. I brought my hockey stick and roller blades with me to maybe take the bike trail and get some exercise.

But the best stunt for me was to get to visit a Tim Horton's restaurant here in Erie. While I was nearby, I thought of a really wild and spontaneous stunt that I could try and not care how silly I looked. But once you read this, I am sure that this stunt will have used up the remaining credibility with friends I have left in Canada. So, I strapped on my old rollerblades that I already had with me and rolled film which can be seen at the bottom of this blog entry.

Yes, I played hockey in a Tim Horton's parking lot.

A few minutes after I'm out there, I hear a guy's voice calling to me from the drive-thru. "Is this a photo opportunity, eh?", called the voice. "Yea," I said. "I don't have any of these where I'm from yet."

So, after I change out of my skates, I walk in to the store because I should be a patron after using their parking lot. While in side, I was greeted again by the voice from the drive-thru window. His name tag identified him as the manager. We'll call him "A-ron". Well, "A-ron" says that they hope to expand to Pittsburgh soon as the next city that they would like to go to next. I look at all the fresh donuts to pick something out as a souvenir. As, "A-ron" waits for me to pay for it... he says "You know what, it's on the house."

I like that guy.
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