Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Unbearable Likeness of Being Cynical

Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic blog would like to congratulate Ms. Erin Nicks for publishing her 100th weekly column featured in the Ottawa Sun and syndicated through other reputable websites.

She is as strongly opinionated as she is well-learned on just what she is picking apart with her scathing criticisms. Ms. Nicks railed for the local Senators during the playoffs and truly set column writing as an art form when the Sens took yet another disappointing early exit. But there is a wider area set between her self-styled cynical cross-hairs, she will also lay to waste the CFL and other pop cultural phenomenon.

I would encourage you all to go check her column out on a regular basis as it makes for some really good reading. She's a talented writer who I have always believed headed for the real big time.
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