Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Malkin Scores and Breaks Glass

Penguins fans had hoped that tonight's game would turn out with a different result, but the few bright spots to enjoy was when Malkin had finally become an NHL player. The always tough New Jersey Devils came into the 'Burgh and faced a Penguins team that was bursting with new confidence and on track to challenge for the Atlantic Division lead.

After a scoreless first period, the Penguins tied up the game on an excellent 2nd attempt by Evgeni Malkin to poke the vulcanized rubber through Martin Brodeur's pads. This is Malkin's first career NHL goal to which his wide mouthed smile and hugs from his supportive teammates celebrated the historical moment. The replays showed Malkin looking as if he had waited a long time for that. He had been left off the opening day roster and the subsequent games because of a shoulder injury he suffered in pre-season.
"Recchi gave me a great pass right on the stick and I gave him a pass," Malkin said. "I just went to the net and shot the puck."
Malkin's first goal wasn't the only memorable event during the game. He also took a shot at the Martin Brodeur-guarded goal which missed the target but shattered the rink Fiberglas sending a large chunk onto the fans. The Penguins had hoped that the timeout this took siphon off the momentum from the Devils who were then leading 2-1.

Despite pulling the goaltender, the Penguins weren't able to solve the problem that was Brodeur's steady work. They will have to meet up again next week (Oct. 24) in the Mellon Arena but featured on the national TV network Versus.
"And he's [Malkin} only going to get better and better," Therrien said.

[Via: Yahoo! Sports]
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