Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ice Skating Treadmill

So, we live in the world of the 21st Century - a time of technology that expands our way of life in exponential rates. Sometimes I feel like we can do without certain new inventions. Here is the latest technology in the hockey realm that has been journalized by CSTV.

Take this latest machine built by the smart ivy league school Cornell. They built a training machine that is able to simulate skating at the rink, but not really taking up all the space.

After watching the video, did you notice that the Cornell women were more dedicated to training than the men? The women use the thing all year and the men just 2 months. Sounds like the men's team really isn't that dedicated.

The thing can also be moved to an incline 32% and reach speeds of 16 m.p.h. That's crazy!

(BTW: Enjoy YouTube while it lasts. With all the networks buying into all their content for the website. It will eventually squeeze Mr. & Mrs Q Public from the forum that they created.)
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