Friday, December 01, 2006

Modano Scores A Babe

Mike Modano might not be the captain of the franchise he has spent his entire career with, but at least he gets to wake up every morning next to Willa Ford. Somewhere in Dallas, I know a certain hockey broadcaster that is now crying in her adult beverages.

For a certain sport that doesn't get very much respect from the American drive-by media, the stardom that being a professional hockey player is somewhat diminishing in value. There are parts of this country that still dint know who Mike Modano is.

But that doesn't stop the beautiful people from chasing after hockey athletes. Nedved, Pronger, Avery and heck.. even Cale Hulse has a beautiful woman to have on his arm at the NHL awards ceremonies!

So, yea, I am a little jealous and regretful that I did not play hockey in high school instead of football. I learned to skate later on in life instead. I should be shaking all these puckbunnies off with a stick by now.

[Via: The Big Lead & UPI]
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