Saturday, December 30, 2006

Mike Chen 2.0 is on to Something

Fellow accomplished writer and hockey fan Mike Chen recently had a blog entry about observations made over at He noticed that the Flyers are really getting nostalgic for the good ol days - and perhaps using anything to distract fans from the current chaos in Philly now.

Well, you can count on me for poking the perpetual sharp stick into the Flyers and their fans by mentioning that the original Mike Chen observation was not a fluky one time thing, but again created by the writing staff over at HQ. I now submit your attention to the latest photo capture of the stories as of tonight.

Notice how the NHL is featuring the future of the league in 75% of the articles? What could possibly be the reason behind featuring the Flyers glory days?

With no widespread American TV broadcasting rights, the NHL is heavilly stringing along their future on the Comcast network and the Vs channel - who just so happen to own the Flyers franchise. It would be great for the NHL to do a "slight of hand" trick to distract the current chaotic situation. If everybody plays nice, then maybe Vs and Comcast will grow beyond it's current low household cumulative ratings.

[Via: Mike Chen 2.0]
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