Monday, January 01, 2007

Welcome to 2007

Okay, I have thought about the new year and what kind of changes I must do in order to achieve my ultimate destiny as a world renowned broadcaster/journalist. I wasn't quite sure weather or not I wanted to post them here because a column full of New Year's Resolutions is just so hack!

I'll do them anyway.
  1. I resolve to quit jumping off the handle and responding to other media sources. It only seems to get me into more trouble. Like here and here.
  2. I resolve to stop from writing blog entries and backdating them.
  3. I resolve to have more coverage of Western Conference teams like the SJ Sharks, international leagues, college team news, as well as AHL news.
  4. I resolve to enact my new hockey blog series to help this blog stand out as one of the best and most read as one of the oldest hockey blogs in current publication.
  5. I resolve to reduce the amount of time I spend on hiatus and have a new blog written almost daily.
Hopefully, I am able to get this back up to what a lot of my readers though of a very informative blog as well as an entertaining hockey fans all over this great continent of ours.

I would also encourage all of you to please visit all my friends blogs seen at my blogroll.

Happy 2007, everybody!
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