Sunday, March 04, 2007

Battle of Pennsylvania 06-07: Episode 8 Live Edition

So, I am going to sit here and blog live as I update this blog and watch the Penguins and Flyers as they are broadcast from NBC this afternoon. As they open up from an excellent view of Pittsburgh and my hometown, they introduce the broadcast for this game and explain others will see Colorado vs Detroit.

Joe Micheletti is in the booth between the benches. During the last home game, Bob Errey sat in the same place and helped out the Penguins by acting as a screen from the opposing team during the timeout. Will Joe help out? Probably not.

EDIT: Uh-oh. 1-0 from the "new look" Flyers and Jason York.

EDIT: The Crosby and "youngest to 200" talk this period has reached 4 times and we are not even half way through the 1st period. NBC really understands how to focus on the prime-time players.

EDIT: Who made the decision that this game gets the "B-game" crew of broadcasting commentators? They are doing a great job, but Mike "Doc" Emrick should be doing this game.

EDIT: The answer to the Moose Trivia Question is Brett Hull. He was drafted in the 6th round while Ferraro was drafted in the 5th round and Clement was a 2nd rounder.

EDIT: Uh-oh. Fleury is starting to crack. 2-0 Flyers after a long shot from the blue line.

EDIT: I went ice skating late last night and now that NBC is showing a lot of the Rockerfeller Center (or as they like to call it "The Rink at 30 Rock") I am determined to ice skate on that legendary sheet of ice once before I die.

EDIT: Congratulations to Gary Roberts for his first goal in a Penguin uniform. Marty Biron has been absolutely huge this afternoon. No wonder Buffalo was winning so many games this year. Simon Gagne is also hustling out every opportunity. He may figure in on the scoreboard before this game is over.

EDIT: Great job with Brett Hull's slapshot editorial. Now, if he could only have time to practice it a little more so he doesn't sound like he is reading it off the teleprompter.

EDIT: It is now coming down to overtime 3 on 3 to decide the final game of the series.

EDIT: Okay, great. it is a shootout. The Pens MUST win this game for the pride of the city and to keep pace in the playoff perspective. Marty Biron hasn't made any mistakes at all this game.

EDIT: And Crosby once again comes up the hero to score the clutch shootout OT goal. Fleury came up huge by snapping up shot after shot. This is history in the NHL this afternoon, everybody. This is the first time the Penguins have been able to sweep the season series in the NHL since both teams came into the league in 1967.

In closing I would just like to thank all my friends at NBC Sports, those who work behind the scenes, and those have been blogging and featuring my blog to all their readers. I truly appreciate the attention on that large scale. But if any of my readers haven't seen the NHL on NBC blogs yet, then what are you waiting for?
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