Friday, March 09, 2007

You might be a Puck Bunny

As I surf around the blogisphere, I have tried to sort through the now growing community of hockey bloggers and journalists. Over this time, I am starting to see more and more fan pages and blogs written by puck bunnies.

Perhaps even you might have heard about the controversial performance by a young lady that goes by the handle "Kitty Perdue". Yes, that is an oh-so-obvious nome de plume. So, I have come up with a self-test (a la Jeff Foxworthy) to determine if there are any more thoughts among hockey fans or my readers.

You might be a puck bunny..

  1. If you are constantly defending against charges that you are...

  2. If you turn to one of your girlfriends to ask if Player X would notice you.

  3. If you wear pink to the game.

  4. If you think you like the team, but always seem to focus on that one guy who just so happens to be easy on the eyes.

  5. If you write hockey fan fiction and said story or stories use a similar plot where a favorite player gets sensitive and reveals closer feelings to other teammates.

  6. If you are wrought with horror after seeing a player get hit hard, but don't seem to care when another goon-type player.

  7. If you imagine yourself a hockey mom to a players kids who haven't been born yet.

  8. If you write for hlog.

  9. If you have worked for a local hockey team just to get close to the players.

So, feel free to include any thoughts of your own on this topic or perhaps leave a quick one-liner of your own. The logo up in the upper-left hand corner is "borrowed" from a cafe press page.
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