Thursday, April 19, 2007

Birthday Number 30

It is that time of year again and now I will hopefully in some small way across the Internet actually get to share my birthday with all of you, my readers. I once made a 25th Year Birthday logo back when I was still living on the Penn State campus and wore it on a specially made t-shirt.

Back then, I indulged myself with just about every conceivable fun thing to do on my birthday. I have seen movie openings, gone ice skating, gone to my favorite Hooters restaurant, and traveled around this great Commonwealth of mine. But it is vary rarely do I get to watch my favorite team play on my birthday. This year will no doubt be memorable as my Penguins will be in Ottawa tonight. Lately, I have made a real home at Rivertowne Bar & Grille flirting with the waitresses who are not only easy on the eyes, gentlemen (and ladies who might lean that way), but Stephanie, Erin, and Sandy are some of the hardest working waitresses I have come upon in a long long time. If you should see me there tonight, make sure you say hello.
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