Saturday, April 21, 2007

[Because YOU demanded it] Crosby Cartoon Gets Published

Well folks, It has been truly an interesting week for me personally. A big thanks to all my friends at Rivertowne Bar and Grille who treated me as a friend and loyal patron.

Secondly, I got an email from somebody who wanted to share his work with all of my readers. He told me that he admired the Penguins superstar Sid Crosby. So, he sent me a link and you could visit it here or I have posted a sample of it here for you to check out. He told me that he didn't expect anything, just a little exposure.

I was really impressed with his talent level and clearly it was done by a real artist. Crosby's smile is a little too exaggerated for my tastes, but nothing I could do about that. He has done another Ovechkin caricature that is great too, but did he include the acne issues? Take a look for yourselves to find out.

I am glad that I can help out a fellow hockey fan with his artwork.
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