Monday, April 23, 2007

Excuse me, Mr. Rooney?

The Pittsburgh area has held their Dapper Dan awards dinner with Sid Crosby being given Sportsman of the Year. Also honored this night was Steelers family owner Dan Rooney for a lifetime achievement. So, the event caught on with the local Pittsburgh media and WPXI-TV (the local NBC affiliate) had a short interview with Mr. Rooney.

Anchor Bill Phillips was able to play this short quote on the Sunday evening sports broadcast:
We haven't threatened to leave the city.
Oh gee, Mr. Rooney! What did you just say? Well, my father and I seem to recall a little tease that the Steelers had with the nice people of Washington County, PA claiming a move there if the city couldn't provide a football only stadium.

You are a miserable old codger, Mr. Rooney. And this blogger has just caught you in a real steep lie. I know the driveby media kiss your ass because the Steelers are the great ratings, but you will never slide with me or COHF. Got that?

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
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