Tuesday, April 24, 2007

2007 Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions - Round 2

I have been told by friends that I am an excellent writer, but I am afraid those talents have failed me in expressing my disappointment that the Penguins did not go on to the next round. You were supposed to lay down, Senators! You always do that! That is your job!

Crosby played with more courage that given credit for. He chose to hide the broken foot injury to everyone. Now, that should show the hype-haters that Crosby is not a soft whiny player. If he didn't earn your respect in this playoffs, then I will pray for your cold frigid heart.

I went out on a limb with the predictions, citing that a few upsets could be scored, but... oh well. I was 6 of 8 in picking the series winners. I never claimed to be a perfect journalist - just the original. *wink*

Some things to think about for Round 2:

Western Conference

Vancouver v. Anaheim
Interesting little side-story. Brian Burke will be facing his old team- the Canucks. Nice. The team he built is deep in the process of being dismantled, so I am not sure if Burke knows any of the players on the current roster. The "Sendinbots" should be taking a lot of chances with the SOG if they have any chance. Anaheim will just run people out of the lanes and flatten players along the boards like a Persian. Is this shaping up for a NJ/ANH Finals rematch? God, I hope not.
Prediction: Ducks in 6

Detroit vs San Jose
I once had a quart of milk with the SJ power play labeled "Missing" on it's side. San Jose and Ron Wilson employ a lot of video technology. Can Coach Wilson out-think his counterpart Mike "Babs" Babcock? San Jose had the better record of the season series. The Wings almost let the first round slip out of their grasp, only to wake up and realize that they were the Detroit Red Wings. If you are not a fan of the Wings, they often portray the intimidating antagonist of movie lore. Soon, they will be chomped down to size.
Prediction: Sharks in 7

Eastern Conference

New Jersey v. Ottawa
I hope Ottawa can hold it together. They are Canada's only hope for bringing the Cup to a Canadian city. Gawd, how I hate when Canadians whine about seeing another American team with the Stanley Cup. It is a sense of entitlement that is really starting to piss me off. The New Jersey Borg with their hive-king Lou Lamiorello will have a blueline strategy against any Heatley-Spezza-Alfie offensive attack. Coach Murray and his juicy-mouth had better think before he opens it again in this 2nd round series. Consequently, the NHL and the refs are aligned out to get you, Bryan. Gary Bettman will be sending you the Official NHL 2007 Playoff tinfoil toque real soon.
Prediction: Devils in 7

NY Rangers v. Buffalo
Now, the Buffa-slugs will have a free run to the finish line. Wouldn't it be surreal if they faced Hasek in the Stanley Cup finals. The one coach that does more stupid comments than Coach Murray is Lindy Ruff. Look for Ruff to plead for sympathy believing that the Rangers (or any team that hits his) are goon-ing it up against him. I do think that this is the dawning of Ryan Miller who will be a dominant goalie for many years to come. He gives the Sabres the edge.
Prediction: Buffalo in 5
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