Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Doan't Be Captain Canada?

In America, it is considered a serious insult to slight a person's patriotism, but this latest controversial story is at the extreme ends. Here, broadcasters are still mulling over the results of the "Imus gaffe," as to what ends will the "everyman" continue to give ground to the P.C. crowd. The question looms weather a person should lose their livelihood after making a few careless comments?

Allegedly, Shane Doan had said some not-nice things about French people. Although the ensuing investigation had cleared him, some Quebecois Parliament members (with some Dippers, Conservatives, and Libs fully backing this.) want a full investigation into Doan's selection as team captain for the Canadian entry into the 2007 World Championships.

I think that this stunt at Team Canada is an attempt to drive a wedge between the current Governing body running the show with the national athletic Team Canada program and the idea that there should be a Team Quebec represented at the Olympics. Quebecois have pushed for this before, but now they can stand a case on currently being underrepresented.

Both the Quebec Block and Doan make their case. Note the classy retort by Doan in handling the matter. Around the horn to my incredibly growing list of blogs and contacts north of the border, a resounding "what an incredible waste of Gov't. money" can be found.

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