Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Drinks Are On Me!

I know a lot of people who are enthusiasts for the adult beverages. Plus, I know I have consumed quite a number of those drinks too. But the NHL dot com Staff wanted to ponder on just what kind of drinks would taste like if they were named for other players. Of course, they picked a couple of my least favorite players Heatley, Emery, Lidstrom, and Avery et al.

If they had a drink named after me, I have been wanting to give this idea that I have a try. I call it Mike's "Smooth Operator". It is 2/3 Black Velvet Reserve and some Root Beer syrup or schnapps. Serve over some ice (for the connection to hockey) and if you are with some ladies, include a maraschino cherry.

If somebody made a drink about my blogger buddy, Jes, then it would have to include some Svedka! Just kidding. It would be a generous serving of Borovička. Or my buddy Wes, he would have to be a crisp apple flavored cider but with a real hard 80 proof content so to be sure to have some matches handy cause his humor burns fast like his drink should. If you really get into the experience, chase it down with some girly drinks because the women around The Cabana are never in short supply.

Go ahead and click on the link at the bottom to check out the news and notes of the NHL as what people are talking about around the water cooler.
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