Wednesday, June 06, 2007

St. Mike's Moves to Mississauga

As I am on record, I dislike it when teams move around and jerk around the heartstrings of fans whose attention they were supposedly working so hard for in the first place.

So, I emailed the connections in the OHL and confirmed to me that the rumors I had been reading about a shuffle of teams. Sadly, those rumors were true as I got a reply that two of the three favorite OHL teams were bound for new homes. The Ice Dogs (originially founded by Don Cherry) were in a tight spot fighting against the fanbase of nearby St. Michael's Majors of Toronto. So, upon being sold, the Ice Dogs were going to find a new home in Jack Gatecliff Arena in St. Catharines, Ontario to become the Niagra IceDogs. And that would leave the Hershey Center open for the taking.

Then the Mayflower trucks careen up to the 1,600 seat St. Michael's College School Arena. When Eugene Melnyk's attempts to purchase the Maple Leaf Gardens sale fell through, the 100+ year old historic franchise found a home in Mississauga's Hershey Center. At least now, the newly crowned Mississauga St. Michael's Majors can have a better arena to play in.

I hate the fact that Melnyk ripped the Majors from the school that it was so closely aligned. I guess the money that he can put into the program will help develop more top NHL talent like the rival IceDogs have done. I took a look at the new websites of both teams, and it looks like they are looking forward to new chapters in their franchise histories.

I hate the new IceDogs logo. The uniforms they used this past season were so cool, I scoured eBay and other internet sites looking to get one. Now that they are a little out of date, maybe they will go on sale. The same goes for the former Toronto St. Mikes.
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