Monday, July 09, 2007

NHL Broadcasting Alternatives

So, I thought I would create a post that explained my views as the national broadcasting TV rights. Being sick and tired of hearing all the broadcasters, bloggers, and some fans slamming the NHL for being on a small but budding sports network. It can't be seen on some cable providers just yet, so in order to appease the masses, here are my suggestions on where the NHL should move their product.

HBO is a great idea as they really have done a great job with presenting other sports like football and boxing. Live games on HBO would be an experiment as hopefully the microphones would pick up a lot of the gratuitous swearing. HBO gets away with a lot having it as a premium service channel. Hockey appeals to the "frat guy" stereotype and well.. a lot of hardcore hockey action would work wonders here. And to do the "on the ice" sideline interviews - Dr. Melfi.

NBC is their next logical choice seeing that it was shown that they are willing to give the sport another chance. NBC got to be somewhat avant-garde as they broadcasted their weekend shows from Rockerfeller Center. They created a winter atmosphere for the sport. Lastly, if NBC is cramped for space on what they could always use one of their other network channels as they did for the Olympics. The NHL could utilize the NBC/Universal network. Heck, maybe they can get a movie deal out of it too!

It stands to reason that the NHL gets great ratings in the US regionally. I happen to know that FSN Pittsburgh was the highest rated broadcast than the CBC and FSN Detroit. Why not give FOX Sports another try. Sure, some of FOX's ideas are now seen as terrible, but if they get their ideas for inter-promoting the game on both channels, it would reach a bigger audience.

From here, there it gets to be slim pickings with television networks.

The NHL also happens to be a sitting on the solution all this time. Just like pro football and basketball, the NHL should invest in itself and expand on the TSN's rendition of the NHL Network. Here they can promote themselves as they want to and not have to depend on other networks to give them the pity. Even though production might be a little costly, they could keep 100% of the advertisement profits.

This would be a really bizarre choice as the station's viewers would not be used to looking at sweaty men. However, they would definitely find a way to make the ice girls relevant!
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