Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Roenick: " I've Un-Quit ! "

In a bizarre twist in the life of Roenick, he now believes that he did not commit to retiring from the NHL. In a statement issued by his agent, Neil Abbott, he cited heavy family issues were on his mind when the news of his decision had first hit. As it stand currently, he is only considering retirement and has not made up his mind.

As hockey fans, we have come to know Roenick through some of his bloviating in the media and his perfunctory jackassery. Since we cannot trust that mostly what comes out of his mouth, allow me to make the decision for him.

Jeremey, there is a reason why you were benched this past season. Coach Gretzky and the Coyotes realize that your skills have begun to diminish and your point totals are in decline from your stint in Philadelphia and in your first tour with Phoenix. I know it is hard to walk away from the game healthy realizing that other players miss the competition very soon after retirement. Walk away while you still can and allow the Coyotes to give the ice time to a young player who needs to make this team better in the future.

[Via: The Hockey News]
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