Saturday, July 21, 2007

Go Home Already

This is an intriguing little development among a couple of malcontent players. Alexi "cashin" Yashin and Petr Nedved both opted to sign with their home country's hockey teams this week when it appeared that no NHL teams were going to sign them.

Yashin is no surprise given his past history of contract disputes. According to the reports I hear, it does not include an "Oh my God I made a huge mistake" exit clause. He moves on to Yaroslavl Locomotiv of the Russian League, a team that he spent the recent NHL lockout with and have reportedly had a good time there. The Russian money floating around is enough that Yashin could get a piece of it to be happy and believe he is well compensated.

What I don't understand is the retreating of Petr Nedved who was one of the first players to defect to Canada to play in the NHL. Now, Nedved returns to his native Czech Republic to play for Sparta Praha, a strong hockey club in the Czech elite league. It is almost ironic!

I don't have a running tally as to just how many European players have given up on playing in North America, but I think it would be safe to say that both Yashin and Nedved would be the first high profile names to repatriate.

[Via: NHL Network & The Hockey News]
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