Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Potential Oilers Owner Saying Right Things

Perhaps Jim "Carpetbagger" Balsille could take a few notes from what Canadian money man Daryl Katz has said about his attempts on becoming Edmonton's franchise owner. Katz, who owns the Rexall Canadian pharmaceutical company, is pushing hard for ownership by bidding for a third time and voicing his passion for the Edmonton future. He made bold promises and by his own admissions expressed opening up the pocketbook.
"To be clear, I am committed to building a winning team here in Edmonton and I would play to the salary cap every year to help make sure that happens," the pharmaceutical mogul said in the release.
Katz even promised to secure a new arena all by himself should that be the desire of the Alberta citizens. That I find interesting! Currently, Rexall owns the naming rights to the aging arena that currently houses the Oilers franchise.
"I am also prepared to make a significant additional investment of time and money towards the development of a new downtown arena facility for the team and the city if that's what the people of Edmonton want."
That last part is the whole key in the play for public support. If the people of Alberta feel that they benefit from a new arena, then it will be supported as such instead of angled towards only making the rich even richer.

$170 million is the proposed bid for the Oilers, which is interesting considering the other offers were rejected. I think it shows determination to succeed on Katz's character. He really laid it on thick at the press conference and I would recommend reading the entire CP article at the link provided.

[Via:NHL Network]
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