Thursday, August 02, 2007

COHF Charity Blogging Update

I would just like to thank all the wonderful support I got from the blogging community as I successfully attempted to make a spontaneous stunt into cash for the Mario Lemieux Foundation.

The final total for this blogger's efforts came to $58 (US). Not bad for the last minute sign up! I decided to entertain the idea on a great set of circumstances that allowed me to not only be awake for 24 hours, but also have personal time to recover. But when it comes to charity work, nobody should need 24 hour windows to do something. People should be charitable 24/7/365. Just because you didn't get to post a pledge, it doesn't mean that you can't donate to this great cause.

Go ahead and check out the special blog once again and read up on the random craziness that was going at the Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic (Blogathon Edition).
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