Tuesday, July 31, 2007

NHL Network American Version

As the NHL and the "four letter network" talk about making amends, there is an interesting sub-story to this as the NHL may finally get a clue and just broadcast their own games where they can control their content.
Some well-placed cable sources were skeptical that the league would be able to launch a 24-hour U.S. channel by this fall, given that the NHL hasn't appointed anybody to run the channel yet and the NHL season begins in just three months.

Sources close to the league say that will not be a problem because it will rely heavily on an NHL Network that already exists — Canada’s version. The U.S. channel will have a look and feel similar to the Canadian one. The planned channel will have 50 live games in 2007-08. Most of the content will be identical to what appears in Canada, although it will be repackaged with some U.S.-based programming, sources said.
Well... It's a start. They also need to get this thing available to every cable and dish subscriber or they will be subject to the same jeers and jokes that OLN/VS received. Once they talk to Hollywood producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, I am sure they can get him to produce something that would really get people talking.
The league has hired Ascent Media Network Services to manage and distribute the channel. A subsidiary of publicly traded Ascent Media Group, the company has offices in Stamford, Conn., from which it will maintain the new network’s satellite signal, advertising insertions and other aspects of NHL Network. The company currently works with YES Network and the NFL Network.
You know what else is HQ'ed in Stamford? WWE. If there is anybody that can promote violence and sports, it is them!

[Via: SportsBusiness Journal]
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