Monday, August 27, 2007

THN 2007-08 Yearbook Hits the Shelves

It's a little early to start thinking of Fantasy Pool drafts and rankings, but that doesn't stop the hardcore fans to run to the shelves and flip through the latest edition of The Hockey News Ultimate Pool Guide 2007-08.

It's not too late and not to early to study up on what the "experts" say about the upcoming predictions. As you can see, THN has some really lofty predictions for Sid the Kid. But, it is with some confidence as Crosby's talents have proven in the past that his personal statistics is sparsely limited to ice time.

The magazine is the pinnacle publication for fantasy pool players. Anything else better than this will be a team media guide. THN has every team profiled as well as a bio with players' pictures broken down to each position. Compared to the millions and millions of draft guides in football, you may not find many magazines for hockey so pick one up on most bookstore shelves today!
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