Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sid Crosby Promotes Crosby 87 Clothing Line from Rebook

Just like that, the young star of the Pittsburgh Penguins has his own clothing line unveiled today turning a press conference into a fashion show. While arm-in-arm with two lovely young ladies, Crosby showed off the kind of sports apparel that looks age appropriate for what age demographic Rebook is going after.
The apparel (priced C$25-70), footwear (C$40-90) and accessories (C$26-30) will be sold exclusively at Forzani Group's sports retailers, including Sport Chek, National Sports and Sports Expert. The line also includes hockey equipment.
The logo looks really impressive and sharp. In America, I think the major retailers like Dick's Sporting Goods will carry them as well as finding them on-line at

I am also glad that Rebook will also be outfitting women's apparel - for every puckbunny's needs.

[Via: Street and Smith's Sports Business Daily]
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