Friday, September 21, 2007

For Sale: Nike Bauer Hockey

It wasn't very long ago that the most glaring addition to the pro athlete uniform was a little iconic swoosh. Nike was the king of sports apparel as it gave street credibility to anyone wearing it. It also sat quite comfortably in the pole position for a while as the dual entity of Nike-Bauer in hockey equipment and clothing.

But today, The Hockey News is reporting that Nike Inc. will be seemingly "throwing up the white flag of surrender" and sell off their hockey brand subdivision by the end of the fiscal year.
The parent company is looking to focus its energies in other fields and the hockey firm just wasn't bringing in enough revenue for Nike Inc.’s aggressive long-term business plan. Nike Bauer took in more than $160 million in revenue last year.
By this admission, it seems as if they are willing to admit defeat to the Reebok company. Could Reebok be the ones waiting in the wings to totally devour their one time business rival and eliminate them for good? Or would speculation lead to a dramatic come from behind Cinderella story and a fresh new company knock off Reebok and become the new kings of the hill.

[Via: The Hockey News]
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