Friday, October 19, 2007

Money For Mario

Mario can finally get paid for all of his efforts as a player as the Pittsburgh Penguins reports that they have settled on his outstanding player contract.
"He's finally getting paid from his playing contract that he signed in 1992," team spokesman Tom McMillan said Friday.
It's a great number, 21, but if you asked me, I think that number is really low for how much Mario has meant to this team and city. You can't really put a price on Mario now. He's priceless.

The story goes he was originally owed $32 million dollars, but when the team reached bankruptcy, Mario reconfigured his contract down to $25 million in exchange for ownership control. Now that the Penguins financial situation is better, the Penguins finally offered Mario Lemieux his share.

According to the Penguins, this financial move will have no bearing on the future ownership of the club or the financial organization of the teams owners called Lemieux Group, LP.

[Via: Yahoo! Sports]
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