Friday, December 21, 2007

Blue Jackets Iclusive Holiday Season

Sometimes I get a little upset at the way tradition is falling by the wayside. I see my own beliefs trashed daily and there is no real escape but to fight back. Christmas is a time for giving, love for fellow humankind, and most importantly, happiness with family. I believe these ideals are universal, not to be monopolized by one religious group.

So when other people get depressed or left out during this holiday season, they make up other holidays that are either a mockery of Christmas or imaginary nonsense, I get very very upset.

The NHL's Columbus Blue Jackets have started a promotional event for their game against Los Angeles as "Festivus Night". Although I don't fault the BJ's for their attempt to get people to the games, but could they do something better than put over a stupid idea from a stupid unfuny sit-com? Did Hitchcock or the BJ's air any of their grievances? Was there any feats of strength by Boll? There must be something in the air in that college town that perpetuates such stupidity.

The team redeemed themselves by featuring their mascot in a Santa suit on their Official team web site, so, I guess the team is not all bad. Perhaps, they aren't fully trending towards the alternate counter-cultures in this country. A 12 Games of Christmas package puts the team back over into the "nice" column on Santa's list, but for how long? I would bet that they will be on their best behavior from now on since a playoff spot is top spot on their Christmas wish list.
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