Friday, December 21, 2007

Maple Leaf Christmas

If you are having a little trouble shopping this year for family and friends, fear not! You still have 3 more days to shop. No Pressure or anything.

All you have to do is check eBay for last minute deals such as this eBay item, but you don't have to place a bid. Just take a look and it is sure to put a smile on your face if you consider yourself friendly to Leafs Nation. I have absolutely no direct affiliation towards this eBay member or this auction page, but I wanted to show you what one TML fan is doing. The price is pretty steep, but I guess they considered all the time spent working on the decorated tree seen at right. $2,937.90(US) stands the current bid!

A hockey themed Christmas is great idea for any hockey fan. When you are passionate about a team like me, sharing a wonderful day with the things and people you enjoy most can really emphasise the meaning of the holidays. Perhaps I should do a Black and Gold Penguins theme next year.
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