Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Flyers to Play Penguins at Penn State

No other blogger and hockey fan is more excited at the news that has been floating around suggesting that the NHL may do another outdoor "Winter Classic", but this time, raise the drama and put it on a "neutral site". I would be first in line and would sure as heck fight for some press credentials to welcome all of my fellow hockey fans to my "adopted hometown" of State College, PA.
Philadelphia center R.J. Umberger, who is from Plum, agreed.

"Just imagine how intense and fun that would be in an outdoor game," he said. "To play at Penn State there, the fans from Pittsburgh and Philly, it would be insane, probably one of the best games in NHL history."
When I lived in Penn State for close to 8 years, I would often "fight" for bragging rights and push for territory when the Maginot line of hockey is fought in the middle of the vicious Pens vs. Flyers rivalry.
"I've been up to Penn State for some football games," coach John Stevens told the Philadelphia Daily News. "The atmosphere up there is just unbelievable. It's a great town. It's halfway between Pittsburgh and here. It's an ideal situation. You'd get fans from both teams."
But there are some things that people should consider before this becomes a reality. They first need to make sure that the hype and ratings are safe and profitable to NBC. Secondly, they have to realize that Joe Paterno runs Beaver Stadium like a dictator. For the set-up to get all the equipment, cameras, and the boards to stabilize, there is going to be an awful lot of holes and tearing up of the precious football sod that is so valuable to the perennial top ranked NCAA football program.

I know how these things work with the politics of Penn State administrations. You need to convince them before the Flyers and Penguins can sit down and negotiate a game.

[Via: Pittsburgh Post Gazette]
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