Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Leafs Under New Management

Umm... this was long overdue!

The hiring of Cliff Fletcher as interim GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs to me was actually just the end of the beginning. I had followed a lot of the drama listening to the local Toronto sports talk radio media and perused the blogs speculations. I can only imagine what kind of pressure cooker could working in that city must be like. Poor JFJ was publicly humiliated in the media (to some extent he earned it after his failures) did he really get a fair chance to succeed with all the MLSE bureaucratic tape?

The more humorous section to this story unfolding is how and where did they dust off Cliff Fletcher and why did he accept this position. Cliff has a challenging task of building this franchise back up with a team that has very little or no trade value what-so-ever.

If I were the Leafs GM, I would first tell MLSE they can go shove it. Secondly, I would dump the albatross contract of Bryan McCabe and look to possibly getting the best offer for Mats Sundin. It's a shame that there is a chance that Sundin may not get to finish his career with the Leafs franchise since being the TML poster boy. I would then pick up as many draft picks as I can and hopefully have an expert scouting staff to build up a young core of players - something that the Leafs sorely lack.

[Via: NHL Network]
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