Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hockey's Needed Skill

There is an interesting poll on Hockey Canada's website that asks a question. Which fundamental skill is the most important? The non-final results there give an interesting result.

I like the way the way they phrased the question, first of all. Fundamentals are what kids need to learn first. It seems like the youth in sports are so focused on making the highlight play. I hope that coaches in both countries make a conscious effort to develop players in fundamentals first.

As far as the top answer to be "skating" - duh! But since the game has changed to a more free flowing action, being able to skate first is a necessity. NHL and other pro players are rewarded by their hustle and ability to get to the open areas with the puck.

Shooting and passing should be packaged together. These skills will make young players wanted by other teammates.

I voted for skating.
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