Monday, February 11, 2008

Yea! Finally A Trade!

This hockey season has been thus far uneventful for the blockbuster trade, so ANY trade that happens is big news. The Ottawa Senators, who are holding on to a top ranking in the Eastern Conference, is bringing in two key players from the 2006-07 Stanley Cup to get them over the hump and to the promised land of hockey greatness.

Mike Commodore, a fan favorite in both Calgary and Carolina, came to national recognition after starting the trend of wearing white terrycloth bathrobes. He hits big and scores big from the blueline. Stillman is an aging and often injure-prone forward, but still has a scoring touch. This looks like a real good change of pace for the Sens, which many message board fans quickly judged this a huge steal for Bryan Murray. But what did good 'ol "JR", Jim Rutherford think of his end of the deal?
"We're very happy to address one of our needs, making our defence more mobile and adding a player like Joe that can play on the power play," Rutherford told The Canadian Press. "Also, we view Patrick as a real character player, a real good young player that can fit into our style of play.
The Canes were playing inconsistent and underachieving for a team one year removed from the Stanley Cup. Maybe this makes Carolina a better team when something clearly wasn't working.

As for me, I am glad there is a trade to talk about. Whoopie!

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