Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hottest Ice Girls Fight It Out in Blogger's Poll

As loyal readers to my blog know, I am a champion for Ice Girls in hockey. They are most often criticized and many people opine that they do not belong in hockey. But I would take the view that they are not only just "pretty faces", but they are true representatives of the team.

Many teams allow their ice girls to make trips to local hospitals and help out and bring joy to lots of people.

Think of it this way. Hockey is passionate and fans are driven to all kinds of emotions. Some of those emotions are ugly, angry, and frustrations... what better way to alleviate a tense situation than a pretty smile from a lovely young lady. Many of these girls are working their way through school. I think they are doing a good thing by bringing a little sunshine and beauty into this sport.

I get spam from this blog called Puck That Hit. I usually ignore them, but this time, it has pays off as I am passing along a story link at the bottom of this post. Please go read, look at the pictures, and vote for which teams you think have the hottest ice girls.

I voted, obviously, for the Delta Dental Pens Patrol (who are in the lead with 11 votes at this blogs publication). But - They are all winners in my book.

[Via: PuckThatHit!]
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