Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Price Calming Concerns With Pithy Commentary

I noticed today that the Montreal Canadians are quietly taking over the Eastern Conference. They are one of the hottest teams right now and with Ottawa's issues, they just may stay there for the rest of the regular season.

When the Canadiens traded away their veteran goaltender at the trading deadline, the media in Canada were dumbfounded that Montreal would rest their hopes on two unproven goaltenders in Halak and Price.

Carey Price, as a young man, had to win over the confidence of his teammates. As the story goes third-hand as reported by the NHL Network on their website that Carey's charming humor is showing up during the games.
During a TV time out in the Montreal Canadiens' 4-0 win over New Jersey this week, rookie goalie Carey Price went to the team bench and asked his teammates, "Why don't we go play in their end for a bit?"..."He had a big smile on his face," added Gorges. "He's relaxed. He's calm. He doesn't change his attitude or perspective no matter what the score is."
With the NHL turning the page and focusing on promoting young stars, Price seems like a right fit for the new NHL. In the beginning of the year with training camp reports, I had a real hunch that this guy was going to be the next great franchise goaltender. The Canadiens have been searching long for a goalie who could fill the shoes of Patrick Roy (having never developed an heir after Roy's departure).

Laughing off the pressure of a possible deep playoff run is one good coping mechanism. Price seems to have everything under control - even after the media doubted his experience.

[Via: NHL Network]
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