Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pronger Suspended In Violent Act

Chris Pronger decided to do his best Chris Simon imitation and stomp on Ryan Kesler during Wednesday Nights game against the Canucks. Today, the NHL threw out an eight game suspension at Pronger which will hurt the Ducks in the remaining games this season before the playoffs. Pronger is a huge loss to the surging Ducks who are trying to defend their Stanley Cup championship.
The decision came after Pronger had a phone hearing with NHL disciplinarian Colin Campbell on Saturday afternoon. "In attempting to free himself, Pronger carelessly and recklessly brought his foot down," Campbell said in a league statement.
But as many bloggers around the country are talking about is the comparisons to the games lost in the Chris Simon case and Pronger's It was my understanding that in Simon's case, he was a repeat offender exhibiting serious anger issues. But even though Pronger's style of physical play hasn't lead him to Simon-esque levels, Pronger was suspended in the playoffs last year for a body check (including a double team with #44) deemed too violent.

As nothing can be done now to erase the images of stomping on somebody with a skate, the continuing debate now is just how consistent the NHL mites out its punishment for repeat offenders. Simon gets a season ban while Pronger gets 8 games.

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