Friday, March 28, 2008

Men's and Women's Frozen Four

Okay, it is time once again to set your brackets and pick which teams will make the championship. Forget San Antonio! The real college action can be found in the Mile High City and Duluth.

The Mens Frozen Four is set to pick up it's opening rounds this week and finishing off in the Pepsi Center. Michigan University is the #1 national seed this year. As most Big 10 schools look to a strong showing in this frozen four, Wisconsin is also a very strong hockey school taking after many iconic traditions such as "Badger Bob". Minnesota and Michigan State are also in the regional brackets, but don't figure to me as lasting the whole way. The darkhorse in this tournament is Niagara Univiersity, but I dont expect them to last against Michigan. My underdog to root for is Princeton University with it's strong collegiate influence after producing Hoby Baker.

The Women's Final four have already concluded last weekend in Duluth, MN and hosted by the University of Minnesota Duluth. Womens teams aren't immune to the routine that college sports thrive on the public perception of elite schools dominating the athletic championships. Four schools this year have produced plenty of names that women hockey fans know fought their way to determine a champion. Harvard University, University of Minnesota Duluth, University of New Hampshire, and University of Wisconsin all played in this years final four. Even when most Americans could not find Duluth on a map if you spotted them the state, Duluth turned out to be a great host for a women's hockey championship. Head Coach Mark Johnson:
"I thought the crowd today, and certainly the crowd on Thursday, was certainly supportive of women's hockey. We thank the community and the area for supporting the tournament. Obviously, we're extremely disappointed. It's a long journey to get here. It takes a lot of commitment on the players' part, support staff, and administrators."
University of Minnesota Duluth took the most out of a home ice advantage by blowing out their finals opponent, Wisconsin, 4-0 and solidified their PK to 0-10.

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