Wednesday, April 23, 2008

2008 Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions - Round 2

So, the first round is over and I was able to correctly pick 6 of the 8 winners (75%). Minnesota let me down as well as Washington who could have had the media attention with a series featuring Crosby vs. Ovechkin. The first round was fun for a while, but lagged a bit when some fans impatiently waited for second round scheduling to begin. Here are my predictions and talking points that highlight the story lines of the series.

Western Conference

Detroit v. Colorado
Hey, did ya hear they are getting the band back together in Colorado? The Avalanche are riding their "Propecia Formula Goalie" Jose Theodore, something that is always desired in the playoffs. Dallas dumped the defending champs. That shows me that they can hang with the big boys. Sakic and Forsberg are ejoying things so far, which seems to fuel the Avs fans mood. Detroit knows in the back of their minds they were darned lucky for surviving the first round. Nashville had the Wings on the ropes but lacked the depth to put them away.
Prediction: Colorado in 5

San Jose v. Dallas
San Jose is notorious for choking in the playoffs and this is where their ride usually ends. Dallas just adapts well to what they need in any given series and Marty Turco holds down the fort as a solid top 5 goalie. The Stars are kind of boring and dull to talk about, something that the FAN 590's Bob McCown likes to point out.
Prediction: San Jose in 7

Eastern Conference

Montreal v. Philadelphia

Montreal looked like a war zone after the hard battle with rival Boston. Fitting they now take on the just-as-tough Flyers. If the Canadiens can stick to the same game plan as they did against Boston, then the Flyers will not pose much of a threat. The Flyers will go as far as Biron will take them. Look for the Flyers to rush the net and plow into Price to get him unnerved.
Prediction: Montreal in 6

Pittsburgh v. NY Rangers

Pittsburgh gets a break again going up against the NY Rangers who have a weak defense, but have enough veteran depth to score a few goals in the series. Fleury must be running at peak condition if the Pens can keep up with Jagr and Co... and something in my gut tells me that they can.
Prediction: Pittsburgh in 5
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