Friday, April 25, 2008

BlueJackets Owner Dies

I guess if Doug MacLean is still interested in being an NHL owner, a spot in Columbus just opened up.

COHF would like to extend condolences to the McConnell family and Blue Jackets fans. This guy seemed really nice and contributed a ton to NHL hockey and the Columbus community. However, a glaring quote that popped out of the AOL article profiling the late owner
"I used to tell them: 'You don't have to win all the games. We know that. As long as you do your best out there, why, we're happy with you.' And that's what they did," McConnell said.
This is unfortunately the purveying tone the franchise has taken. This team just doesn't shoot high enough for my liking. Being satisfied with "doing your best" may be what is keeping this team from doing what is necessary for getting into the playoffs.

I expect a patch on next season's Blue Jackets team as the Blackhawks wore a WWW in honor of Mr. Wirtz this past season.

[Via: AOL Sports & BlueJackets Official Website]
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