Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mainstream Media Copies Blogging Sensation

With more and more people disenfranchised with the mainstream drive-by media and turning to alternative sources, the mainstream media has to steal great ideas from bloggers. I know this because I know of somebody who has stolen content from my blog on occasion.

But the most blatant obvious attempt at stealing ideas comes to us from the once respected source The Hockey News. Their newest poll suggests a tournament of logos. However, I happen to be a reader of a blog who has already come up with that very idea years before and run numerous contests where fans vote on hockey team logos pitted head-to-head. Icethetics, formerly NHL Tournament of Logos, created on it's own a dynamic readership and continued with news about the latest uniform ideas and logos.

If we bloggers aren't careful, they can lose a lot of ground by not being able to protect their intellectual property. What do my readers who are also bloggers think? Please leave your comments down on the designated section.

[Via: THN Logo Rankings & Icethetics]
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