Thursday, August 07, 2008

Crosby Turns Twenty One

Happy Birthday, Sid Crosby.

Today he turns legal drinking age in the United States. Before now, you didn't hear a word about Crosby and any adult beverages. Unlike the Staal brothers who really knew how to party, Crosby played the straight arrow. I am surprised he didn't have "Got Milk?" commercials to his credit. Attached is a relevant segment of Crosby's interview taken by Rob Rossi.

Q: What do you want for your 21st birthday?

A: I've thought about this because a lot of people have asked. Honestly, I couldn't tell you one thing that I want.

Q: What does turning 21 mean for you?

A: To be honest, it doesn't change anything on the ice. Off the ice, I'm able to drink. I look at it like this: At 19, I'm an adult in Canada. Now, I'm an adult all the way around.

Q: So what adult beverage does "Sid the Kid" drink?

A: Jack Daniels or Crown Royal.

Q: How did being under the legal drinking age in the United States limit your off-ice activities with teammates?

A: All the guys were great about that, actually. The good thing about being on a young team is that all the guys knew we had three guys under 21. Anything we did, we all could be a part of. I didn't miss out on anything.
Wow. I didn't expect Crosby to be into any of the hard liquor or even mention it to a reporter.

When I turned 21, my first beer was in State College as I shared a pitcher of Labatt Blue. I didn't drink too much of it at first, but today, you can say that I have embraced the varieties of beer. What do you think should be Crosby's first legal beer in the States? Moosehead for his NS hometown connections or if he is wise on the public relations move, just say his first beer was an I.C. Light. Please go vote over on the right as a reader poll question.

[Via: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review & Pittsburgh Tribune Review]
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