Tuesday, September 02, 2008

"Hockey Mom" Maybe A Heartbeat Away

I have often been envious at Canada for having a leader that was open to the enthusiastic fandom of hockey. But now with the news of Presidential candidate John McCain choosing Gov. Sarah Palin (R) of Alaska, we may now just get America to like hockey again.

Gov. Palin, a self-described "hockey mom" is a charming woman who lives the life being able to balance a demanding career, a loving family, a few outdoors sports, and a faith that roots her in a foundation of real hope and moral values. But just as the picture was painted for a docile political debater, think again. A hockey mom can be just as tough the likes that no-one has ever seen in the USA capital. Bill Kristol helped relay the fighting spirit in this short transcript.

Where Hillary failed to achieve, the GOP VP nominee is hoping to gather a lot of the American population that relates to the Hockey Mom lifestyle.
"She's obviously put her heart into her children, because that's what you do when you play hockey. You travel, spend many hours, and have to be a dedicated mom," said Rae Etting as she watched her son score.

She was a Hillary Clinton supporter, who is now thinking about voting Republican.

"She's really a regular person, you know, just like most of us. She feels the same way that we feel," Etting said.
There is even a story floating around about how Gov. Palin fought for an indoor Sports Complex that went over-budget, but that is no big deal knowing that Pittsburghers have an albatross of a slots casino going over budget built by the Democrat rulers.

All in all, Gov. Palin will take her lumps by her detractors, but this "hockey mom" has taken on corruption and reflects a growing segment of the American population. And that is the kind of person that we can all get behind to support.

[Via: The Weekly Standard& WBZ-TV]
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