Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Capitals Increase Ticket Costs Against Penguins

Sure the NHL is going to be a gate driven league, so when team owners realized that they can make more money during increased attendance at rivalry games, "Sweaty Teddy" Leonsis is leading the progressive thinking and increasing ticket prices at the Verizon Center when Sid Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins come to town.
Like the season-opener against the Chicago Blackhawks, and contests against the New York Rangers (Nov. 8 and Jan. 3), Detroit Red Wings (Jan. 31) and the two visits from Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins (Feb. 22 and March 8).

Individual tickets for those games will increase by an average of $15 above their usual cost.
So, if each game in an 82 game season matters just as much as the others, then why do they have to pay more for certain teams? Is this some kind of affirmative action on elite teams? No, wait... if they wanted to get more people in the buildings when weaker teams come to visit, then they would make the tickets cheaper to get more people. Makes sense?
Nate Ewell, director of media relations, told me today that this variable pricing is in keeping with the Capitals' long-standing tradition of trying to fill their building with more home than away fans.
This is always a known fact in Penguins history. Fans of the Penguins will often blog and fling this into Capitals fans faces.

I would call the biggest Penguins rival to be the Flyers, but with the latest hype of Ovechkin and company, the Capitals run a close second in deep seeded hate rivals. This ticket price story is only one more chapter.

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