Thursday, September 25, 2008's New Look Layout

So, the NHL has unveiled it’s new design, albeit in a beta-testing mode and I love it!

First of all, it has a new silver and black look to it. The official website and it’s sister NHL Connect site was always done in white. I guess it was easier to work with when everybody reads black type on a white page. But black will always be “classic”. I think they got the job done right this time.

The navigation is so much simpler. There are frames detailing what I want to see and pointing me in the right directions of what kind of content I may need. This new navigation menu also works better for the NHL Connect pages as trying to update my Connect profile got kind of clunky as it only opened up a little frame along the side. (Note: I use Modzilla Firefox to browse the Internet)

Thirdly, I also love the new addition to the NHL web family with the NHL Network being incorporated into the information superhighway. Perhaps it will encourage more people to call their local cable providers to order it.

I give it 5 out of 5 hockey sticks in the air.
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