Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hockey Trading Rumors Start Early

The season hasn't even begun yet, but some bored hockey writers still have to come up with new material. FOX Sports writer, Lyle Richardson, has come up with a list of stars that could be dealt during the course of the season if not at the usual trading deadline drama.

Surprisingly enough, I do not disagree with any of his team-by-team selections. He makes a rational argument for each one. However, I don't understand him mentioning that most of the players he has nominated for trade-bait have no-trade clauses in their contracts?

My view of trading speculation is always just that - speculation. The mainstream drive-by media will often post things like this as something to prompt reader feedback and participation. The key is to use certain topics like you would a deep poker hand. Use them when the advantage is at the highest.

[Via: FOX Sports & FOX Sports]
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