Friday, September 12, 2008

R.I.P. Hockey Rants (An Obituary)

The Hockey Blogging world is a little less today as another blogger has decided to give up the updates to turn his attention to other projects.

I first came across Jes Golbez's blog when he commented on mine. I was glad to see that there was somebody else on the other North American coastline that could focus on the news from that perspective. But, the Hockey Rants did not just talk about the Vancouver area, but it also covered a lot of international sports. Jes first told me that he was an enthusiast of Slavic culture, even chatted with me some late nights about my Slovak heritage.

The Hockey Rants also from time to time did some pretty controversial things. On occasion, it sidelined the hockey talk to broader topics of politics. Hockey Rants hit the American political conservatism as well as pop culture with just as much force as it did in the sports realm.

But as the website blog grew, it took on more guest writers and regular pundits to help keep the interest in the page going. Now, Hockey Rants was a more well-rounded site, covering both Southern hockey as well as European league news. With the contacts that Hockey Rants helped built, the author-creator, Jes, went on to other more mainstream website accounts. AOL Fanhouse and Hockey's Future helped bring about more traffic and attention to his site.

Jes cited that it was time for The Hockey Rants to close because the fun had disappeared.

In Memoriam:
The Hockey Rants

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