Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Montreal All Star Game Improvement Committee

What turned out to be a little disappointment for the NHL during their All-Star game in Atlanta, GA, the NHL has chosen a "think tank" committee to consider drastic improvements into the All-Star NHL celebration. Starting with a sagging interest in the skills competition, something to spice up viewer interest. Certainly, the same old thing just isn't going to work again.

One of the things being thrown around, as reported by TSN's Darren Dreger, is the possibility of the return of former NHL stars going head-to-head in exhibition against the current crop of players. What a dumb idea this will be!!! Ugh! First of all, the former stars available are all in their late 60s. So, going up against the young kids of today, they will only embarrass themselves. Badly. Secondly, if you have to focus on the past, you have no future.

The "trick-shot" was an experiment that only Ovechkin understood last year. The NHL tried to incorporate a sort-of slam dunk exhibition. The all-stars would be given a chance to show off their shootout skills by trick shooting at the goalie one-on-one. I hope they pre-qualify the players before hand so that they don't get too many players like last year.

Just so I don't get to just criticize other ideas, I will offer my own.

  • A Crosby vs. Ovechkin one-on-one should be interesting. This way we can put to rest who is better.

  • A "blocked shots" competition that has two shooters try to get past a sliding defender blocking shots sliding from side to side

[Via: Going Five Hole]
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