Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year 2009

The new year will bring, hopefully, new ideas and innovative blogging to the Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic series. I am going to work harder on producing a back-log of short videos that I have been working on since separating from Vault Door Productions this past summer. Things have been up and down for me career-wise and it is hard to find the time to write out things and still be able to commit to a day job. I was able to achieve some resolutions by working harder on my Logo making software, thus giving form to a new logo badge for my page as well as

    What I Learned in 2008
  • Freedom of expression is one of the easiest freedoms to waste and misuse.
  • Hockey fans can show a really ugly side of bigotry and jealousy
  • Pittsburgh has returned to become a major sports town again.
  • The OHL is a great league to watch for an alternative to the professional game.
  • Bettman may be working his way down and out of favor with fans as well as team ownerships
  • Franchise relocation still sucks on every level.
  • Hockey Fights Cancer is worth getting involved with.
  • Detroit Red Wings have a long tradition of winning hockey.
  • Facebook is a great way to connect to other bloggers and journalist professionals.

    Resolutions 2008
  1. While advertising dollars may not pay out all that much yet, it is a good thing to seek out even more.
  2. I will remember to be civil towards more and more non-Penguin hockey fans.
  3. I resolve to continue my series of fun blog posts as they are still original content on the cutting edge of hockey blogging.
  4. I will make more audio and video blogs and try to complete the projects already started.
  5. I will continually resolve to maintain a professional regimen and strive for blogger respectability within the hockey world as an alternative source to news and opinions and editorials.
Thanks for making my unprecedented 6th year in blogging a tremendous success as it grows again in the coming year.
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